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CORA carries out graphic support to publishers, such as maps, historical maps, synoptic tables, illustrations, diagrams.

CORA, that means territory, is the transcription from ancient Greek into Latin script of the word:

CORA in ancient Greek.



Sappada - Plodn file card.

Sappada - Plodn

Maps of the municipality of Sappada with place names in historical language 'Sappadino', presented by the Municipality of Sappada and the Plodar Association in September 2012:
- Territory of Sappada scale 1 : 15 500;
- Built-up area of Sappada scale 1 : 5000.

Plodn 1:15500
Plodn 1:5000

Click on thumbnails to enlarge the boards. Click on titles to download high-resolution versions:
4083/2833x1875/4083 mm - 11574/8030x5314/11574 px - about 6 mb.

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